Our Success in Ranked

CuDo lets you dominate in ranked even at extremely high levels of play. We have players using CuDo at 4350+ undetected and over 80% of our regular players are above master. Even at these extremely high ranks we're consistently told that by our users that they are never accused of hacking because of how natural our aimbot looks.


CuDo features an intuitive but powerful GUI. It's not complicated to use but it allows you to control basically any parameter you'd need to for an aimbot. It allows for infinite profiles all with different settings that you can switch between whenever.


CuDo is an extremely fast aimbot, it's latency is less than 5ms. This allows for insanely accurate aiming. This aim is indistinguishable from real human aim with the right settings as well. It's so efficient that we can guarantee that CuDo will not negatively impact your FPS at all.

Watch CuDo in action

In some of these clips the aim speed is turned way up. This is just to show what CuDo can do, we don't recommend playing with maxed aim speed because you'll likely be reported and banned.

Why CuDo is the best Overwatch Aimbot


CuDo is just a $20 once off purchase. This is extremely affordable in comparison to every other Overwatch aimbot on the market right now. Most cost more than $50 a month.

Savable profiles

With CuDo you can create and save unlimited different aiming profiles. You don't need to pay extra for this too.

Instant delivery

All other major Overwatch aimbots right now require its users to wait a few days after they purchase it for the owner to send them a build. Our customers enjoy instant delivery with builds being emailed automatically after purchase.

Ease of purchase

CuDo can be purchased with Paypal. You don't need to go buying crytpocurrency unlike other aimbots would require.

Screen-lock bypass

CuDo works even when an account is screenlocked. No additional software is required for the bypass too.

Universal support

CuDo works on all versions of Windows and all screen sizes and refresh rates and even has support for multiple monitors.

Free Discord support

All CuDo users enjoy free Discord support. We promise we'll respond in less than a day. Most aimbot providers restrict this support for "pro-users" who have to pay a premium.


CuDo is entirely external. It doesn't read or write to any of Overwatch's memory. This combined with the instructions we provide on purchase, makes CuDo objectively undetectable.


CuDo is insanely efficient. We guarantee your FPS won't be negatively impacted.

Buy CuDo now

CuDo is a once off purchase and costs only $20. Payments are done through Paypal.